Web Museum Vision

The long-term goals of the Web Museum are upgrading of the database of digitalised audio-visual materials of contemporary art and time-based arts (performance, video, installations, web art and the like). Within the Museum of Modern Art, the Web Museum promotes the integration of content from various online databases of the Modern Gallery: baza.mg-lj.siRazUme, Kronos, Cobiss MGALJ.


The Museum of Modern Art provides a location for permanent storage of digital archives on the MG+MSUM home server and develops an interface, which is accessible to individual users and organizations, which wish to contribute to the web. The Web Museum is connected to the websites of all affiliated organizations in order to increase visibility of the websites of institutions and organizations affiliated to the Web Museum.


The Web Museum is model for an inventory of archival material and horizontal interconnection of web content, which increases public accessibility of audiovisual objects of cultural heritage. The goal of increasing the digitized fund of Slovenian audiovisual cultural heritage is also its use for educational purposes. After the completion of the first phase of the inventory of audiovisual material, the Web Museum will promote the simultaneous online inventory of AV documents and events, organization of public presentations of AV materials, organization of lectures, projections and research intended for interpretation, analysis, historical and theoretical writing on audiovisual cultural heritage and its context.

The web interface is adapted for people with sensory disabilities. A large part of the descriptions and other metadata has been translated into English.