Web Museum keeps AV production of Museum of Modern Art + Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, MG+MSUM and at the same time offering computational, material and content support to organizations in the preservation of cultural heritage. On the one hand, the museum process content, and keeps a record of AV material of cultural heritage, on the other hand, it operates as a web intersection for various organizations, which are included in the Web Museum. The museum's network may include any organization that holds physical AV materials, which have research value. The aim is to make an inventory of the major AV materials, which will provide a common point of intersection of a broad and concrete insight into production in the field of contemporary art of the past few decades since we document events and works of art by electronic or digital means. Web Museum is also a tool for self-inventarisation of organizations.


Organizations may also use Web Museum interface as a tool for its own inventory, without publicly publishing materials since some of the materials are regulated by copyright laws and may not be distributed freely. Organizations must sign an agreement with the copyright holders that allows them to post copyrighted material on-line.


Organizations in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art publish the materials according to the importance and fragility of the materials. Museum of Modern Art helps them also with technical processing and digitization of materials in various media (particularly miniDV, VHS). Depending on the inventory of material we estimate that there are approximately 2500 units of diverse materials (video performance, live-art performances, lectures, round tables, exhibitions of archival footage, photographic documentation, theater and dance performances) to be digitized in the upcoming years.