Tomažin Zagoričnik, Irena: Caprice (Re)lapse

Tomažin Zagoričnik, Irena: Caprice (Re)lapse

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Title Caprice (Re)lapse
Type Performance, Vocal performance, Contemporary dance
Date 3 October 2006
Venue Stara mestna elektrarna
City of production Ljubljana, Slovenia
Production Maska, City of Women
Language Slovene
Format 720x576 pxl
Duration 20' 31"
URL Mesto žensk
Registration number CoW-2006-PLES-570



In the Caprice (Re)lapse performance, the dancer surrenders her own expression to the record of memory which – although forgotten – has been stored in the muteness of the body. Within this empty space, the structure of the concealed writes of a vanishing and reemerging body. Vacant space, in much the same manner as silence, has yet to be established. It is depicted by (an inaudible) voice which operates as a horizon on which other voices register. It is a voice that seems not to exist, because it is inaudible and taken for granted. The voice of space. It incorporates the voice which has already been articulated and has faded away, working and being present only as a memory of something past, something finished – and as a record, something semi-erased, mutilated, relocated. It is a voice that seems not to exist because it is a matter of past. The voice of memory. It shares a place with and is influenced by the voice which emerges from the same point, becomes entangled between the holes of memory, and leaves behind traces and disrupted silence when it disappears. A voice that seems not to exist because it ceases to exist while emerging. The voice of body.


Source: City of Women


Choreography Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik
Light design Jaka Šimenc
Stage design Marko Brdar
Sound design Mitja Reichenberg

Artist, artistic group