Kristina Leko

Art fields Installation, Drawing, Project, Documentary film, Video installation, Durational project
Born 1966, Zagreb, Croatia
City and country of residence Berlin, Germany
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Kristina Leko was born in 1966 in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb. Since 1997 she has been working on video installations with an accent on establishing communication by video-link. In Ljubljana, she presented her project as a debate, a video and slide presentation and the collected signatures for a petition.


Source: City of Women

Umetniška dela

Type Conversation, Durational project
Date 14 October 2003
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 12:40



Type Documentary video
Date 2002
Format 720x576
Duration 09:30



Type Video installation, Documentary video
Date 2002 – 2003
Format 720x576
Duration 20:35

Subtype: Single-channel video installation, expanded with objects.