City of Women – Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture

Short name City of Women
Official name City of Women – Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture
Type festival, NGO
Departments City of Women, office, City of Women, official address
Founding date 1995

The Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture – City of Women was founded in 1996 in Ljubljana. Its main goal is to organise affirmative actions to draw the attention on the disproportionate participation and representation of women in the arts and culture. Its largest event is the organisation of the annualInternational Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women. The festival which was originally initiated and organised by the Slovenian governmental Office for Women's Policy in 1995 has since been organised by the City of Women Association.  Further to the annual festival edition, the City of Women Association also organises and produces various events throughout the year, both at home and abroad.


The Association is governed by a board of an independent council of renowned individuals from different areas of Slovenian cultural life, art and science, which aims to foster the discussion on the issues of gender inequalities and the promotion of gender equality. The board is presided over by a (honorary) president. The programme is curated and co-ordinated by a permanent team of 2-3, whilst the festival team is on average composed of 10 people, usually self-employed in culture, who work on temporary work-contracts (1–3 months) and volunteers. 


Program director: Teja Reba


City of Women board members: Pija BodlajAlenka Gregorič, Nataša Hrastnik,  Urška Jež, Bettina Knaup,Katja KoboltDunja Kukovec, Vesna Leskošek (honorary president), Amela Meštrovac , Inga Remeta, Zoja Skušek, Petra Slatinšek, Lilijana Stepančič, Neva Šlibar, Mara Vujić, Jasmina Založnik, Lana Zdravkovič,Nada Žgank.

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