Peter Rauch

Photo: Dejan Habicht / Archive: Museum of Modern Art, 2017


Peter Rauch graduated from the Faculty of Architecture; his honours thesis was a theoretical project entitled “Meaning in Contemporary Architecture”. He continued his studies at Central St Martins in London, where he completed his Master’s degree in Communication Design and Photography. Currently, he works as an independent artist in the field of photography and he engages with theory and criticism; he also lectures Authorial Photography in the Department of Photography at Higher School of Applied Sciences and he is one of the editors of the journal Fotografija. Some of his key works are Objects (2009-2015), Third place (2014), Community (2012-2013), Images, Stories, Sequences (2011) and Traffic Kids (2009).


Rauch, Peter, Draught Series: Pavilion, MG+MSUM, Ljubljana, 19 September 2017, 31' 50"

Umetniška dela

Type Site-specific, Sound installation, Concept, Artist talk, Public interview, Guided tour, Action
Date 19 September 2017
City of production Ljubljana
Format 1920x1080
Duration 31:50

In Pavilion, Peter Rauch continues to follow the method developed in his series Objects and Community, basing his approach on his understanding of the correlation between an object and its function,[]