(skupina/group) Candida TV

Art fields Film
Born 1999
City and country of residence Rim, Italy
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Candida TV was born from the melting of different realities: underground cinema, video production, rave parties, street theaters, independent radios, underground bulletin board systems on the net and counterculture pop-magazines in the last seven years in Rome. Candida is a core of 12 people, fusing the experiences of self-managed squatted community centers and technical knowledge in the field of cinema and video production. The O.F.F (Overground Fiction Festival) that took place in Forte Prenestino for three consecutive years was a catalyst in the formation of the group. We abandoned the idea of documentation of reality, and unleashed an imaginative creation of possible counter-hallucinations in mass-consensual reality. We improved our experiences by organizing a festival for all the people who were working in this direction in Italy.

Source: Candida TV

Umetniška dela

Subtitle film and video programme, discussion
Type Documentary video, Presentation
Date 7 October 2007
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 26:37