Mala Kline

Photo: Nada Žgank / Archive: Emanat
Occupation Choreography
Art fields Dance, Perseverance performance, Solo dance performance, Contemporary dance, writing
City and country of residence Belgium
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A choreographer, performer, researcher and writer, Mala Kline won a series of major Slovenian awards for her choreographic works, including the Golden Bird Award (2005), two Triton Awards (2005), four Moving Cake/Gibanica Awards (2005, 2013), and the Ksenija Hribar Award for choreography (2013). She holds a PhD in Philosophy (Univesity of Ljubljana) and an MA in Theatre (DasArts, Amsterdam). Her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming. In her author-based choreographic work she uses Saphire™ to facilitate individual and communal dreaming to create unique singular worlds weaved from and generated through the language of our dreaming. She is also a certified practitioner and teacher of Saphire™ dream and imagery work. She has private practice in Brussels and teaches Saphire™ internationally, in diverse educational, research and production settings. Kline has been extensively engaged in various research, educational and publishing activities. She founded Emanat, an Institute for affirmation of contemporary dance; School of Images Slovenia, and Dreamlab, a mobile laboratory for research and development of imagery and dream work as related to performing arts practices. Kline's latest book on the possibility of ethical and political power of art in the emergent present times, titled The Inoperative Theatres: Contemporary Performing Arts between Ethics and Politics, was published in 2017. Currently she is doing her post-doctoral research on the alternative concepts and uses of time at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (UG) and within S:PAM research centre in Gent.


Source: Pekinpah

Umetniška dela

Subtitle Video screening and discussion on the book
Type Presentation, Conversation
Date 6 October 2006
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 05:45



Type Contemporary dance
Date 2 October 2004
City of production Ljubljana
Production Zavod EN-KNAP/EN-KNAP Produkcija
Format 720x576
Duration 14:59



Type Contemporary dance
Date 7 October 2015 – 8 October 2015
City of production Ljubljana
Production Mercedes Klein, Pekinpah Kink Kong, Študentski center Univerze v Zagrebu – Culture of Change – &TD Theatre

Genesis is weaved from the dreams of the five performers. The world of GENESIS comes into being first as a dream, then as an embodied image and form. Every moment is the beginning, a return to the creative space where dreaming and the here and now[]