Nina Meško

Photo: Nada Žgank / Archive: Emanat
Occupation Choreography
Art fields Dance, Choreography as extended practice, Participatory coreography, Contemporary dance, Dance pedagogy
Collaborators Tanja Lažetić
Born 1973, Ptuj, SFR Jugoslavija / SR Slovenija, ex-Yugoslavia
City and country of residence Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Nina Meško is a contemporary dancer and a choreographer, who has been employed as an independent professional adviser for dance at Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti (JSKD). She has been working as a professional dancer and choreographer for more than a decade. Her projects show an articulated conceptual structure and a deep interest in experimentation. They were shown on several guest appearances in Slovenia as well as abroad. She is the recipient of two important international residency scholarships: ArtsLink (NY) and Tanzquarter (A).


Meško’s work in dance at JSKD is based on a rising interest and knowledge about dance art and pedagogy of creative dance. She offers professional help to everybody who dances, wants to dance or wants to teach dance. She organizes educational events on contemporary dance, dance pedagogy and dance medicine, encourages incentive for creating art and conditions for representation. With her work she managed to shape a space for festivals and an educational space, whose primary goal is encouraging the development of the creativity of the youth and professional qualification of mentors in all regions of Slovenia.


Source: Translation based on Koreografski imenik, Emanat



Umetniška dela

Type Documentary video, Workshop, Contemporary dance
Date 7 October 2004 – 2 November 2004
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 07:14