Kanak Attak

Occupation Theory, Sound art
Art fields Video, Performance, Artivism
Active from 1998
City and country of residence Germany
Homepage http://www.kanak-attak.de/ka/
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'Kanak Attak' is a community of different people from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to eradicate racism from German society. The group is not interested in questions about your passport or heritage, in fact it challenges such questions in the first place. Kanak Attak challenges the conservative and liberal orthodoxy that good 'race relations' is simply a matter of tighter immigration control. Their common position consists of an attack against the 'Kanakisation' of specific groups of people through racist ascriptions which denies people their social, legal and political rights. The Kanak Attak anti-racist network came into being in 1998 with the launch of its manifesto entitled: Addressing questions of heritage and passport. Since that time the loosely organised network has been engaged in video-activism, theory production, research, performances, discursive rearrangements, speeches, agitprop actions, cultural hoaxing, image production and re-imaginations, sound & audio creation etc. Amongst the central issues addressed by Kanak Attak since 1998 were representational politics, the integration paradigm (no integracion!), »kanak operaism«, the right to have rights as well as the campaign for legalisation and the »autonomy of migration«.


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