Petra Reimann

Art fields Photography, Installation, Documentary photography, Landscape photography, Street photography
Born Hannover, Germany
City and country of residence Berlin, Germany
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Petra Reimann was born in Hanover, Germany. She is living and working in Berlin capturing backyards, street life and the architectural soul of the city. Constantly, intuitively scanning everything around her, Reimann spends every spare moment and a few borrowed ones pursuing shadows and reflections as well as being seduced daily by contrast, line and shape. Some of her exhibitions include: Lingering Whispers, Crypt of St Pancras Church, London, 2010; Reliquaries of Empires Dust, Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin, 2009; Should The World Break, Kiev, Ukraine, 2009; Dogma, HDLU Zagreb, Croatia, 2009.


Source: City of Women

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