Occupation Director of the film / theater, Acting (theatre/film)
Art fields Film, Educational Event, Showcase Event, Experimental film, Workshop, Presentation
Collaborators Agueda Bañón, Maria Llopis
Active from 2002, Spain
Active till 2007
City and country of residence Spain



Girlswholikeporno were Águeda Bañón (1974) and María Llopis (1975), from Spain. The project emerged in Barcelona in 2002, with the ambition to offer a personal view on porn and sexuality, by questioning and subverting the construction of identities, fantasies and sexualities and reclaiming the creation of another pornography made by ourselves.


They started by filming videos and making Vj sessions, creating at the same time their own website, a blog that provides free acces to their work (under a Creative Common Licence). In 2004 they performed a live audiovisual act in Sonarama, a section of Sonar 04, Advanced Music and Multimedia Art Festival, in Barcelona. They Vj´ed in The art and politics of Netporn Conference in Amsterdam and presented an audiovisual show in the context of the World Aids Day in the Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona (CCCB) in 2005.


During 2005 and 2006 they carried out various Workshops on Pornography and Feminism. The objective of these workshops was to reflect on pornography from a feminist point of view and to create DIY Porn. The workshops consisted of a theoretical part, in which postporn politics, queer and the new feminisms were talked about, and a practical one where the participants performed in front of and behind the camera in order to make their own videos.




Girlswholikeporno, Girlswholikeporno, City of Women, Ljubljana, 13 October 2007, 74' 55"

Umetniška dela

Type Experimental film, Presentation
Date 13 October 2007
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 74:55