Eduardo Raon

Occupation Instrumental music
Art fields Music, Experimental music, Contemporary classical music
Born Portugal
City and country of residence Ljubljana, Slovenia



Eduardo Raon has a classical musical education, but is nevertheless a versatile musician. It was perhaps due to his interest in electronic music – as well as rock, jazz and improvisation – that he was something of a black sheep at Lisbon’s Conservatory of Music, where he studied the harp. In 1997 Eduardo Raon became a founding member of the Portuguese rock group Bypass, which, through his dense guitar work, has served to extend his alternative rock interests. More recently, he has played his harp, and vibraphone, with the band Hipnótica. Eduardo Raon has also studied fine arts at Lisbon University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. 


Source: City of Women

Umetniška dela

Type Concert
Date 3 October 2006
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 14:32