Andrea Neumann

Occupation Instrumental music, Composition
Art fields Music, Experimental music
Born 1968, Freiburg, Germany
City and country of residence Germany



Andrea Neumann is classically trained pianist, who – all of a sudden – got inside the instrument, and reduced it to strings, resonance board and metal frame; during the performance this remnant is connected to a mini mixer board by way of which sound is deformed, reformed and transformed. The truncated inside piano – Innenklavier in German – is no longer afraid of its limitations and rules, but instead offers an excellent starting-point. Andrea, a pioneer with a great ear for intonation, imagination and sound, employs this new instrument in such a manner that it is as a piano – as well as celesta, clavichord, harpsichord and the more distant Japanese koto – still recognisable in the background and all around, whereas the very focus builds up a completely unexpected and unfamiliar subject. Such a subtle use of electronics – which is unique also on the notorious 'Berlin scene' – reaches undreamed-of results. Such holds true for solos, and duos (with Annette Krebs, Burkhard Heins or Taku Sugimoto…), as well as larger ensembles (Phosphor, No Spaghetti Edition).


Source: City of Women

Umetniška dela

Type Concert
Date 7 October 2006
City of production Ljubljana
Format 720x576
Duration 15:18