Iveković, Sanja: Pine and Fir Trees. Women's Memories of Life During Socialism

Iveković, Sanja: Pine and Fir Trees. Women's Memories of Life During Socialism

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Title Pine and Fir Trees. Women's Memories of Life During Socialism
Type Film, Documentary film
Date 2002
City of production Zagreb, Croatia
Production Centar za ženske studije / Centre for Women's Studies, Top Mag Ltd., Ženski umjetnički centar – Elektra / Women's Art Centre – Elektra
Language Croatian
Subtitles English
Format 720x576 pxl
Duration 58' 03"
URL Mesto žensk
Registration number CoW-2002-FILM-808


This film was conceived after the research project «Women's Remembering of Life in Socialism», started in 1999 by a group of women scientists, students, and lecturers at the Centre for Women's Studies in Zagreb. The goal of the project is to begin an archive of women's life stories which would become a study material for writing a history of women so as to stop the practice of ignoring women and their experiences and to shed some light on the key historic events perceived from a female perspective.


In the film, we meet five women who openly and bravely speak of their efforts, successes, defeats, and joys which they experienced whilst living in socialist Yugoslavia. Our participants are women of different statuses, political affiliations, and worldviews, ethnic and religious backgrounds, but through their personal stories, we discern what is common to women disregarding origin and milieu. The overlapping of the places of female identity with the key determinants of the socialist period makes up the basis of the film, showing the emancipatory values as well as the oppressive elements and the everyday problems of the time.


The video also contains documentary footage from the film and television archives as well as printed materials and photographs from museums and private archives.


Source: Sanja Iveković


Text by Sanja Iveković, Tanja Šimić, Dijana Dijanić
Directed by Sanja Iveković
Screenplay Sanja Iveković
Advisor Biljana Kašić, Katarina Spehnjak
Music Damir Ludvig, Goran Štetić
Director of photography Irena Ščurić
Editing (film, video) Irena Ščurić, Tino Turk
Collaboration Marija Kohn, Aleksandra Sanja Lazarević, Anđelka Martić, Evelina Pantner, Milica Šoštarić
Support The Ministry of Work and Social Care & The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, Sweden

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