Aleksandra Čalič Keka

Occupation Interdisciplinary contemporary art
Art fields Film, Video, Experimental film, Experimental video, Dental Medicine, Sociology
Nickname Dr. Keka
City and country of residence Slovenia



Aleksandra Keka Calic is a Doctor of Dental Medicine who has worked in the field of dental care since 2003. In addition, in the last decade, she is devoting herself to researching interdisciplinary relationships between modern medicine and humanistic theory, and researching contemporary concepts of health and body in the doctoral study of Sociology at FDV Ljubljana, which she was finishing in 2016. She was also active in the field of art (video, film, interdisciplinary art), primarily in terms of researching the social aspects of biotechnology and the semantic connotations of everyday clinical medical practice. She has recorded three experimental films: Punk is not dead Kennedy (with Jana Prepeluh), Brute Figure (with Dunja Kukovec) and Gynealogia Dyslectica (as part of the eponymous interdisciplinary exhibition with Mark A. Kovačič). 


Source: Prevedeno po Radio Študent

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