Babić, Milijana: Exhibition Guarding

Babić, Milijana: Exhibition Guarding

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Title Exhibition Guarding
Type Contemporary art practice, Video, Performance, Project, Public art, Documentary video, Multichannel video, Action, Durational performance, Public intervention, Ongoing project
Date 2011 – 2012
City of production Rijeka, Croatia
Co-production Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka
Language Croatian
Format 1920x1080 pxl
Duration 11' 45"
Registration number CoW-2011-VID-799
Number of works in a group 7


The video is a documentation of a year-and-a-half-long action of looking for work, evolving around an ad stating: Visual artist urgently looking for any kind of work, which was published continuously in local advertising publications.


While responses to the ad came mainly from men offering suspicious work such as massage, accompaniment on travels, nude photography, “performances” in night bars..., the project also developed through researching job columns with an aim of undergoing the experience of work.


During the project, the artist worked as a cleaner, a waitress, a vendor, a distributor... In all cases, apart from the work found “through a connection”, she was underpaid and treated as a person of lower rank. Apart from dealing with the research into the labour market in a time of the highest unemployment rate in Croatia, the project Looking For Work questions the status of contemporary artists in Croatian society and insufficiency of the artistic profession to support oneself financially.


The conditions in which (not only) Croatian visual artists work are cheap production, unpaid work, a non-existent contemporary art market and a lack of systematic promotion on an international level. Survival within the profession is possible only with external sources of income.

Artist's statement

As an associate at the Rijeka Academy, I wait up to one year to get paid, which forces me to search for extra work. In this case I ‘snagged’ the job away from my students, guarding the exhibition of a full-time employed colleague, for the lowest student hourly wages.

Source: Milijana Babić


Recording / camera Mirna Kutleša
Editing (film, video) Sanjin Stanić

Artist, artistic group

Group of artworks

Babić Milijana, Cleaning, Rijeka, 2011, 12' 31"
Babić Milijana, Exhibition Guarding, Rijeka, 2011, 11' 45"
Babić Milijana, Irons Promotion, Rijeka, 2011, 04' 58"
Babić Milijana, Rose Selling, Rijeka, 2011, 04' 30"
Babić Milijana, Waitressing, Rijeka, 2011, 05' 20"
Babić Milijana, Working at a Shop, Rijeka, 2011, 04' 01"



Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka