Ask!, (Actie Schone Kunsten): Reverse Graffiti Action

Ask!, (Actie Schone Kunsten): Reverse Graffiti Action

Photo: Nada Žgank / City of Women, 2013 "IF YOU DON'T SEE ME, IT DOESEN'T MEAN I'M NOT WORKING!"
Title Reverse Graffiti Action
Type Graffiti, Public art, Public intervention
Date 4 October 2013
City of production Ljubljana, Slovenia
Production City of Women
Co-production Knjigarna Azil, Kolektiv Živka Skvotca, Vstajniške socialne delavke
URL Mesto žensk
Registration number CoW-2013-SOD-709



With special isotypes created by artist Andreas Siekmann, Ask! (Actie Schone Kunsten) has organized various reverse graffiti actions in Utrecht with Domestic Workers Netherlands and in London with Justice for Domestic Workers. Leading up to the opening of GDR GOES ON at The City of Women Festival, members of Ask! and a member from Justice for Domestic Workers exchanged and collaborated with local affinity group Revolting Women Social Workers in Ljubljana on a reverse graffiti action in Ljubljana. 


Source: City of Women

Artist, artistic group



Knjigarna Azil
Kolektiv Živka Skvotca
Vstajniške socialne delavke

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