Rauch Podrzavnik, Andreja: Melodies of Beginnings

Rauch Podrzavnik, Andreja: Melodies of Beginnings

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Title Melodies of Beginnings
Type Dance, Solo dance performance, Contemporary dance
Date 20 October 2016
City of production Ljubljana, Slovenia
Production Ops! zavod Ljubljana
Co-production City of Women
Language Slovene
Format 1080x1920 pxl
Duration 17' 06"
URL Bunker
Registration number CoW-2016-PLES-632



Melodies of Beginnings is a project, initiated and led by Andreja Rauch. The first version of the project was performed in a duet of Henry Montes and Andreja Rauch, and in 2007 the project was extended into a trio of Kaja Valenti, Tomaž Simatović in Sašo Kalan. In the year 2016 Melodies of Beginnings were presented within Goli oder in the trio of Andreja Rauch, Sašo Kalan and Peter Rauch. Melodies of Beginnings is also a title for a scenario, an order of sections. The whole structure is titled after one of the sections. The sections are dealing with few different aspects of the movement and dance as a medium, its possible expressiveness, its frustration as to what a piece is about. Finally, they are dealing with the advantage of the language of movement that touches the point of understanding, otherwise hard to reach.


Source: Bunker

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Ops! zavod Ljubljana