Museum of Modern Art

Short name MG+
Official name Museum of Modern Art
Type Galerija
Title Windischerjeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contact Ana Žan
Phone number +386 1 2416 832

Moderna galerija (Museum of Modern Art, MG+) houses the national collection of 20th-century Slovene art (paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings as well as photography, video and electronic media collections) and a collection of works from the former Yugoslavia. The national collection presents the basic stages in the development of the Slovene tradition of modern and contemporary art from the beginning of the 20th-century onwards. Moderna galerija does not regard its collections as rigidly separated fields; it rather links and combines them in dynamic ways.


Museum of Modern Art presents a collection of modern art in the left wing and current exhibitions in the right wing and in the cellar. At the lower level, there is the auditorium for conferences, seminars and lectures.